Who I Am

Hi, I’m Jen.


I have been an explorer of movement, fitness, and health since a young age. While I’ve taken fitness to extremes in my own life, I am most passionate about helping everyday people get the benefits of embodied movement and nutrition. I bring back what I’ve discovered on the edges in order to help my clients find peace and joy in their bodies and in their lives. 


 I seek to help my clients develop a personal and enjoyable relationship to food, body, and movement so that these things can be an expression of joy and thriving rather than obligation or endless striving.


My background of study is in Exercise and Nutrition Science. I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and most recently, a professional bodybuilder. While I feel most at home in the fitness industry, I do not stay within its borders.


I deeply value and integrate science into my work, but I choose to lead with what I call the human element. Working with me is about a relationship. I want to get to know who you really are, so that together we can embody one of my core principles: growth from wholeness. 

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Who You Are

You’re here because you're ready for more daily thriving. You're not seeking a quick fix, but instead you’re willing to look deeply and question; and you're brave and willing to transform into something new. 


You want to partner with yourself to build habits that serve the person that you are becoming. Maybe it's cultivating a new relationship to food, or movement, or exploring the possibility of taking those things to your next level.

You're looking for clear and scientifically grounded information that is ready to be applied to your life.


No matter who you are, I will always do my best to see you as you are

Who We Are Together

We live in a society where...


How you look is valued more than how you feel. 


What you know is more important than how you love.


And what others think about you is more influential than how you feel about yourself.



The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way here

Together we will walk inside a different culture where...


We lead with how you’re feeling, even when it's hard.


Being honest and real is always welcome, even when it’s messy.


And being on your own team is the norm, even when we forget sometimes.

So, what do you want to do with your One Wild Life? And how can I help?

Let's get started.

If you're interested in coaching or a consultation, let me know below, and I'll get back to you shortly!

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A one-time virtual or in-person meeting with Jen (75-90 minutes)

Not sure where to go next with your nutrition or workouts? Or maybe you're not sure where to begin!


A Fitness Consultation is perfect for anyone looking to break through to their next level. Whether you need information or a clear-cut plan, this consultation will give you the personalized attention you're looking for. 


Consider this meeting a clarifying, goal-setting, getting-pumped-up-about-the-plan sesh.

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