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A Newness is Arising

Logos_Yellow-Clean.png You


You've heard the call from deep within

You crave authenticity

You crave alignment with yourself

You know you will not be satisfied until you find your way Home

This is no coincidence

You were meant for your Center like a fish meant for the water.


To find our Center and remain close, we must learn to Balance. To hold space for that which appears at odds, to forgive ourselves, to dance and flow with life, and to find ease and joy in the process.

This is a life’s work, this balance. Recentering, again, and again, and again... 


Work with me is about deep listening in order to draw nearer to your unique sense of center, which is embedded right in your beautifully messy humanness.

We will work together to listen and develop personal & playful daily practices that help you align with your deepest self.

You are no longer satisfied with anything less. 

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