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Beginner Lifting Plan - Dumbbells only

Ready to lift but don't know where to start? Only have a few sets of dumbbells to work with for now? Well, you're in the right place!

Most beginner lifting plans on the internet are confusing, filled with gimmicks, and simply are just not focusing on the "big rocks." A true beginner to lifting does not need to be doing hours of different exercises to get real results. In fact, progressing with lifting weights is much simpler than most fitness personalities will make it seem.

The focus should be on the following essentials or "big rocks":

  • Include compound lifts (multi-joint exercises)

  • Include a well-rounded variety of movements that targets upper and lower body (push and pull movement patterns for both)

  • Prioritize good form and technique

  • Follow the principles of progressive overload (how you progress from week to week)

The following plan includes all of these essential components without unnecessary noise.

Here's the plan

Alternate between the two workouts 2-3 times per week, with at least one day of rest between.

While focusing on good form and technique, progress from week to week by adding 1 or 2 reps, or by increasing the weight used. This is important to see progress over time! Be sure that you're taking notes of how much weight you use and reps you complete so that you can progress from session to session.

Note that the first week or two can be done with just 2 sets of each exercise rather than 3, as this should be plenty of new stimulus to promote gains. You will also be getting familiar with the movements and focusing on technique.

Workout A

A. DB Front Squat, 3x8-10 (can start with bodyweight)

B. Single Arm DB Row, 3x8-10/side

C. DB Reverse Lunge, 3x8-10 (can start with bodyweight)

D. DB Overhead Press, 3x8-10

Workout B

A. DB Romanian Deadlift, 3x8-10

B. DB Bench Press or Floor Press, 3x8-10

C. DB Split Squat, 3x8-10/side (can start with bodyweight)

D. DB Bent Over Row, 3x8-10

Additional core work:

This can be done at the end of each workout or during an additional time. Aim to complete 2 times per week.

3 Rounds-

12 Alternating Corkscrew

10 Crossover Toe Touches

10 Twisting Bicycle

:30-45 rest

As you progress, try to complete this circuit in less time or simply add more reps (or an extra round) over time.

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