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Dear Mom, this is what I do...

Some job titles fit easily into boxes…. Accountant, teacher, lawyer, nurse. They’re recognizable and easy to tell others about. 

But I’d bet that for the most of us, explaining “what we do” is more complicated than a title. Especially if you work for the government, a big corporation, or in technology, and your title sounds something like ‘Systems Management Analyst’ (which I just made up, but I’d bet it’s a thing).

Furthermore, I’ve learned that the “what do you do?” question is even more complicated if you’re an entrepreneur. Because even if you do come up with a title for yourself, it likely doesn’t capture your vision. It doesn’t capture your why. Which, in my opinion, is more important than the ever-expanding what.

Anyway, why am I here writing about this?

Well… I don’t think my mom knows what I do! And it dawned on me that if my mom doesn’t really know what I do, then most people probably don’t know what I do. And if that’s the case, well, then I can’t really do what I do (help those people)! 

So here it is, Mom. This is the crux of what I do:

I help people get beyond the overwhelm of information about what to eat and how to workout so that they can get fit and get on with living a fulfilling life.

I believe that everyone deserves to live in a body they love, and it’s within closer reach than most people think.

We’re constantly bombarded with conflicting messages and buzz words. Carbs or keto? Weight lifting or spin? Is gut health a thing? My goal is to help create clarity for people so that they can confidently go about their lives without feeling bogged down by those questions. 

But I’ve quickly learned that it’s not just information that is overwhelming people. It’s also self-doubt, paralysis by analysis, shame, comparison, or lack of worthiness. So my focus has shifted greatly towards mindset and compassion, and using information in ways that are most practical for the individual in front of me. 

You see, I believe that there are certain truths about nutrition and fitness that we need to be educated on to cut through the BS, but beyond that, we need to be guided towards a solution that works for us deep to our core. That helps us get closer to our true selves, not further from it. 

Ok, cool. Still pretty abstract, right? What does all of that look like?

One-on-one coaching. An ever-evolving process that provides the highest level of accountability, clear guidance, and tailored support for each client. Some of the main points of focus include: nutrition, workouts/movement, sleep, stress management, and mindset.

One-time consultations to dive into anything and everything fitness related. Consider it a clarifying, goal-setting, getting-pumped-up-about-the-plan sesh.

Online training programs (in the making).

And of course, content creation. Writing. Videos. Speaking. You name it. I’m open to finding new and creative ways to achieve the mission of helping people get fit and on with living a fulfilling life.

So there you have it. That's what I do. Not sure what label to put on it. Any ideas? Comment below - I’d love to hear from you!

Love you, Mom. And love you all!


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