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Doorway to Peace

It’s always here?

You’re telling me this peace is always here?

This ease, this total okayness in my body…

Why does it sometimes feel a million miles away?


A reaching towards God, 

towards totality.

In the reaching we expand. 

More capacity for peace, 

for love, 

for wellbeing.

There’s a tension between knowing peace is here, unending, and not always feeling it that helps my humanness to grow. 

And ultimately to flourish.

This is why the human needs Something larger than itself.

It’s an essential aspect of its nature.

A natural transforming agent, built in.

Without it we remain a shell, a repetition of what once was.

No longer bursting at the seams with the vitality of this passing moment. 

We certainly would settle on a previous version of peace and its circumstances.

How peaceful to have peace figured out…

Those moments when peace feels far away,

I am only at an edge.

The edge of my previous capacity. 

Which is really a new doorway.

Will I walk through it?

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