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What I ate to become a professional bodybuilder in my rookie season

2021 OCB Tribute to 911 Heroes Show
2021 OCB Tribute to 911 Heroes Show

Hello! I'm glad you're here, for whatever reason that may be. Maybe I grabbed you with the title... Intentional. :)

I'm going to use this space to share some of the meals I ate during my bodybuilding "prep" (the diet period leading up to a bodybuilding show), as well as some of what I've been eating since.

As you scroll through, you'll be able to catch my own unique flavor of meal making. I don't recommend you copy me exactly. My point with sharing these photos is to inspire you, to show you how it could be. This is not about following a meal plan.

In fact, this is more about breaking away from meal plans and creating your own unique relationship to food that brings you joy and good health.

It's taken me years to cultivate the relationship with food that I have. I've tried and abandoned many different approaches. I've learned a lot and unlearned a lot, too. And I'm still creating anew.

From where I see it, I think you should eat what your heart and body desires (and this will change over time), because this is what will satisfy your needs and create peace around your body and food.

(Note: this doesn't mean just eating ice cream and chips all the time. If you're really listening to your body, it will likely ask you to stop doing that).

To give you some context, the before and after photo comparison above is about 5 months apart. The second photo is the day before my second bodybuilding competition where I won my Pro Card. Woot woot! Below are the foods I ate to get this lean WHILE enjoying life, my body, and my meals.

Side note: you don't have to follow this approach if you're bodybuilding. You certainly can follow a more regimented plan and be successful. This was just the approach that I wanted to take for me. It worked so well for me that I will definitely be building off of it the next time I compete.

And even if you don't want to change your body at all, but you want to improve or spice up your relationship with food, this post is for you too.

In fact, I think letting go of needing your body to look any certain way is a crucial part of a long-term healthy relationship with food. Short-term body composition goals can be great, but trying to hang on to a specific physique long-term can be quite challenging mentally, emotionally, and physically. I don't recommend it.

Alright, let's get to it.

I broke up the meals into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert & Snacks. I tried to include details in the caption (scroll over to read), and you can expand the picture for the full size images if you desire.


Dinner Meals

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