Nutrition and fitness can be confusing.

There’s so much information about what to eat and how to workout that it’s often overwhelming.

But getting fit and healthy doesn't have to be complicated.

Working with someone can help you sort through the noise and focus your attention where it matters most. 

This is where we come in.




Total Fitness Coaching is a collaboration between you and your coach, who is committed to helping you take action towards your goals. You'll work with your coach weekly to build sustainable exercise and nutrition habits.

Workout Programming

Using their knowledge and experience, your coach will create a tailored workout plan that meets your goals, preferences, and schedule. Workouts will be detailed with specific exercises, special instructions, and demo videos -- sent directly to you.

Nutrition Programming

I believe that even a perfect workout plan is not complete without smart nutrition. Your coach will work with you to sort nutrition facts from fiction and to provide specific guidance on what to eat and when. 

Fully Remote Access

Chat with your coach about what you ate for dinner, how a workout went, or how you're feeling about your goals in general. You will have the on-going support of your coach with complete remote access.

Complete a Quick Survey

Complete a quick survey to fill me in on some basic details about yourself. Then I can schedule our first call.

Chat with Your Coach

I want to get to know your history, goals, preferences, and anything else that makes you, you. We'll establish a game plan and our first action steps.

Check in Weekly

Update me on your progress and we'll work through anything you're struggling with. Your feedback will help us continue to tailor the plan to you.

Experience Lasting Change

Whether we work together for 3 months or 2 years, the goal is always the same. Sustainable change that lasts.

Let's get started.

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A one-time virtual or in-person meeting with Jen (75-90 minutes)

Not sure where to go next with your nutrition or workouts? Or maybe you're not sure where to begin!


A Fitness Consultation is perfect for anyone looking to break through to their next level. Whether you need information or a clear-cut plan, this consultation will give you the personalized attention you're looking for. 


Consider this meeting a clarifying, goal-setting, getting-pumped-up-about-the-plan sesh.