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The time has come that we live from our Wholeness


And joyfully so ~

Hello, welcome to my little slice of home on the internet.

My name is Jen. I write, share, sing, frolic, eat, sleep, and teach about



fitness and self care,

living in the moment,

being in these bodies,

loving ourselves and each other,

and cultivating our very important awareness...


In a culture that is rushing through life, seemingly missing the moment, it's come to my attention that we (myself included) could use some more reminders of our depth ~ what's below the constant coming and going. Perhaps there is a transforming agent waiting to be discovered if we can just turn our attention to what's already here.


I know this is how it's been working for me...


In my work you will find poetic reminders, playful melodies, guided movements and meditations, practical tips & tricks, honest confessions, and any other means I can come up with to help point us back here.


We're dropping in. We're reorienting our ships... not to the far off future, but to this very moment. Let's sink in, let's feast at the table of our lives. It's the only thing that will satisfy a soul that longs to be free, an Earth that longs to renew...

“True joy is really including all of the joys and the sorrows, 

It's that vastness, that awareness, that heart space that can include it all.”

-Tara Brach

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Let it be Playful

Let it be Joyful

Let it be True

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