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A 4-Week Guided Group Journey towards a more nourishing relationship with Food and Self


Are you tired of struggling with food and your body?

You know there is a version of relating to yourself and food that is more easeful. One that is more self-honoring, enjoyable, simple, nourishing...

It's not your fault that this hasn't come completely naturally to you. We've learned to relate to ourselves and our bodies in a culture that is confused about what truly matters to the human heart and amiss to the wisdom running through our very own cells. 


​​You're in your Love Yourself Era and you want to do fitness (eat and move) in a way that honors this. Join me for this unique small group journey, where we will explore relationship to food and body through a Nourishing Lens. This is an alternative fitness space, where self care is the foundation.

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The antidote is right within our own Beloved bodies...

Together we will discover that what we've been searching for has been here all along. Our bodies hold information ~ if we're able to tune in and come into right relationship, this information can set us free, again and again...


And our hearts, they long to love with naturalness. They hold unending capacity to love ourselves, to love our bodies, to love our food, and our planet...

We realign with this natural way (trusting our bodies, and trusting our capacity to nurture) with the help of a Nourishing Lens. An alternative way of viewing ourselves and food. We're trading out the culturally inherited lens and cultivating something new.

Our 4-week Curriculum

Each week we will drop in with a new theme. I will offer a teaching and guided practices, and you will have opportunity to share and explore in real time around your personal experience to help foster the type of shifts that lead to a natural kind of growth. Like a flowering bud in the spring air...


In each call I will offer space for 1:1 guided support as you wish to step into it.

Begins April 25th at 7pm Online

A Note about the space

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 The body holds a lot of wisdom, pleasure, and joy; and it holds a lot of pain, numbness, and discomfort. This will be a therapeutic, trauma-sensitive, healing space. A sweet cozy container where we can consciously explore our edges and our beliefs, and lean into discomfort at a pace that feels supportive.

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I share from my own path of struggles and discoveries...

I guide from a place and offer teachings that have saved me from my own inner struggle and disconnection with my body.

I hold an intimate remembering of the shame, the heartbreak, the longing...

I have struggled through many iterations of disordered eating throughout my life, most versions masquerading as healthy fitness behaviors. 

I have worked with hundreds of clients seeking the type of body peace (often without knowing it) that I'd like to share with you.

One thing I've learned about this journey is that there is no end, no arrival. The body keeps sharing more and more wisdom, and the heart continues to open. I am first and foremost an explorer and a practitioner, and I hope to help you deepen your experience of the same.

With Love ~

How to Enroll

The total cost is $168 for 4 weeks of intimate group work. This is the most affordable option to work with me while getting a high level of attention and care. Plus, we all benefit from the special kind of magic of coming together in community.

Reserve your spot by signing up through my Somble Page (click below). Or you can simply reach out to me by using the form above!


Maybe you’re interested in joining but have a few questions or hesitations. I want to address some of those below.


What is Nourish?

Nourish is a 4-week small-group online series oriented around cultivating a more nourishing relationship to food and self. This means waking up to the lens we’ve been given and choosing to shift into something new, something more life-giving (the latter part you get to create on your own, and I can just help guide you in that process.)

Why might this be valuable to me?

The truth is, in my 10 years of working in the health & fitness industry, I’ve seen that collectively, we are living within a limited paradigm around food and body, and we are struggling. We are so fixated on looking a certain way or perfecting our health that we are missing a whole depth of experience. We are missing greater connection with our bodies and our intuition, which has the potential to guide us and heal us in ways we couldn’t imagine with the mind alone. We are missing out on more freedom in our bodies and minds when we shift beyond the need for diet ideas and rules. We are missing out on more joy, self-forgiveness, and collective healing (including the earth).


I’m hesitant about doing this in a group. Why a small-group setting?

It’s become clear to me that because this is a collective struggle, it means we’re not alone. When we do this work together in group, we are able to put down the burden of carrying this particular struggle alone, even if temporarily.


And even more, I am so stoked about group work lately because when we simply just hear each other share from experience, we soak in the wisdom of each person’s insight and path. You will learn much more in this group than I could offer alone, and I can’t wait to learn from you. We are living in a time where community and connection is necessary. It’s a healing balm I just don’t want to miss out on.


The beauty is, there is no pressure to share more than you feel called. If you’d rather simply receive from a session (or all of them), that is completely welcome.


How much time & energy will this require of me?

Each session will be about 75 minutes, and I will offer practices for you to take with you into your already-ongoing rhythms. There is no homework, and so really any extra time outside of each session is up to you.


What will we do in each session?

Each session includes a teaching, guided practices, and group dialogue, including opportunity for 1:1 support if you’d like to step into it. There is a full curriculum posted with each week’s focus here.


What is your training and experience to guide me in this way?

My career started off as an Exercise Science student at university. I have since accumulated a decade of experience working within many facets of the health and fitness industry, from nutrition coach, to personal trainer, to body builder. Once fixated on what to eat, I am now more drawn to study how we are relating to food and our bodies as a necessary starting point. I’ve gotten here through years of struggle through many iterations of disordered eating of my own.


I am currently in the middle of a 2-year mindfulness meditation teacher training, which gives me the skills to hold safe space, offer ways to connect with our bodies, bring mindful attention to our behaviours, and cultivate qualities of heart… All so helpful for this leg of the food & body journey.


Think jacked & nerdy personal trainer meets calm & heart-led mindfulness teacher. That’s me. :)


How much does Nourish cost, and how do I sign up?

The total cost is $168 for 4 Weeks. If cost is a limitation, reach out and we can work something out.


You can sign up through my Somble page here. Select the membership option for Nourish. Let me know if you need any help.


Have other questions or hesitations I didn’t address here? Feel free to message me with the form above or email me at

Let it be Playful

Let it be Joyful

Let it be True

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