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Intro to Mindfulness Meditation Class

A 5-Week In-Person Class to begin or deepen your practice of mindfulness and self-compassion within a friendly community space.

Sunday, June 23- Sunday, July 21

12-1:15p at Control Lab South

1624 South St.

Philadelphia, PA 19146

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for the entire 5-week series

About the class

Are you interested in learning more about mindfulness meditation or true self compassion in a practical and heart-led way? 

In this 5-week class, you will learn the Twin Practices of Mindfulness and Self Compassion in a small group practice setting. We will gather weekly to discover a new facet of mindfulness meditation with a short talk, guided practice, and dialogue. This class will draw from scientific research, ancient wisdom, poetry, personal anecdote, and more. By the end of this series you will have ideas for further exploration in your own life to awaken to more presence, ease and heartfulness in your day to day.


Session Overview:


Session 1: Intro & Mindfulness of the Body & Breath


Session 2: Being Fully Human ~ Mindfulness of Emotions


Session 3: Working with Thoughts and Beliefs


Session 4: The Wise Heart / Compassion Practices


Session 5: Bringing Your Practice into the World / Opportunities for further exploration 


This space is open to and will uphold value for people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, body types, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations.

This is a trauma-sensitive space.  

Please reach out with any accessibility needs so we can ensure you can be accommodated. 

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From your teacher

I am so excited and honored to share these practices with you! I have not only been studying from some of the greatest teachers of our time (MMTCP), but I have journeyed far and wide on my own path of discovery (ongoing). Life as the teacher, ya know what I'm sayin??? The skills and inquiries I share have quite literally brought me back to life, from patterns of avoidance, overthinking, and disconnection from my own heart.... to a deep sense of okayness, capacity to move through challenging experience, and a vital intimacy with life.

These skills are practical and help us tap into our innate resiliency as human beings. Anxiety, depression, sadness, grief, and even joy... how can we turn towards these things and expand our capacity to be with experience rather than numb them or try to fix them? Mindfulness and Self Compassion are a path of turning towards. It takes tremendous strength and courage to move towards that which we have avoided for lifetimes. So let's do it together, why don't we?

I can't wait to have you along for this ride. Oh, how much wisdom you have within you to offer, even if just in your presence.

If you have any questions, please send me a message through my contact channels below. Looking forward to tapping in with you. 


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Contact & Enroll

To reserve your spot send me an email with your name and anything you'd like to share about joining the class.

Then send your $60 venmo to @jen-kranjec


No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Just send me a message and let me know if this applies to you.

Instagram: @jenkranjec

Please reach out with any other questions!

Additional Info


This is a 5-week in-person class with the option to join online!

Whether you live in another state or are traveling during the course, you can join in remotely.

Please plan to attend all 5 sessions, but 1-2 absences are ok as life things come up.

What to bring?

If you have a meditation cushion or blankets you like to use, please bring! This isn't mandatory as we will provide several options for you to sit comfortably throughout the sessions. Don't worry, there is not a strict rule on how you sit in this class. Come and be as you are. And wear comfy clothes!

Your Feedback, please!

I am offering this class as a part of my certification process through MMTCP and will ask for your feedback at the end of this course. Thank you for being a part of this with me!!

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