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Work with Me

*Now offering In-Person Training at your home, park, or private studio*


Receive 1:1 guidance in your workouts to:

  • Build strength as a beginner to strength training, or expand on an already existing foundation of strength

  • Increase mobility and freedom of movement in the body

  • Increase stamina through gentle conditioning

  • Discover a movement practice you enjoy and crave

  • Push yourself at the right times while mostly having fun with movement

Rates start at $90/hour

To further explore working together or to get started, book a 15-min intro call below. I look forward to speaking with you>

If you're not finding the time you need, shoot me an email and we'll find a time to connect. 

Holistic Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

Find freedom and joy in your relationship to...

Food & Body

❋You value intuition & nature in your life ~ You want to eat in a way that is more natural and intuitive. You want to shift dieting patterns towards those that are more self-trusting and self-connected. Rather than trying to change your body, you want to practice listening to and honoring it. ❋You value nourishment for your body, mind, and soul ~ You want to eat in a way that is deeply nourishing and satisfying for your whole being. You want to learn more about what makes food truly good for you, and you're willing to explore this beyond black-and-white answers. ❋You value freedom and self-love in your life ~ You want to shift challenging patterns of restriction, over-eating, binging, or shame around food and body; and you want to do so by expanding your capacity for self-compassion.

Movement & Exercise

❋You value mobility & play ~ You want to explore moving your body in a way that lets go of restriction and opens you to greater possibility of movement. You want to support the health and longevity of your body, while minimizing pain and optimizing for play. ❋You value strength & stamina ~ You want to strengthen your body to feel confident and capable as you navigate this physical world. Perhaps you reach to your physical strength and stamina as a reminder of what you’re capable of when life gets tough. ❋You value rest & self-care ~ You know that the not-doing is just as important as all the doing. You want to balance your physical efforts with rest periods and practices that support your body’s natural processes and deepen your capacity.

Self & the Moment

❋You value clear-seeing & love ~ You want to get to know yourself in a more whole and honest way, so that you can work with yourself (I call it, "being on your own team"). You want to relate to yourself (and life) with more openness, understanding, forgiveness, realness and creativity. ❋You value sincerity & heart ~ You want to discover personal daily practices for deepening your awareness and cultivating more heart to bring into your lived experience. ❋You value connection & truth ~ You want to explore who or what you really are. You want to deepen your capacity to embody this truth, staying connected to life, while holding space for whatever arises.

How it Works

Work with me is tailored to your individual needs and desires on your fitness path, and it will take shape through our collaboration.


Perhaps we meet for a one-off session to help you pivot into new possibility or with on-going weekly support through a period of growth. 


Live Sessions are virtual and held over Zoom. If you are in the Philadelphia area ~ I would love to meet you in person.


Sessions are highly engaged, 45-60-minute sessions, tailored to bring forth new insight and understanding, to help you find clarity and encourage new action. 


We might engage in conversation, exercises, goal-setting, meditative inquiry, parts work, or maybe we eat a meal together. Whatever will help us embody truth and change together.

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A Whole-Person Approach

To truly change our daily habits we often have to encounter ourselves. Where did these current patterns come from, anyway? How am I talking myself through the many daily wins and mishaps? My work addresses the many layers of behavior change–the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual–to help facilitate true transformation. When we practice working with ourselves from this holistic lens, change can begin to feel more like the natural way. :)


My approach can often feel therapeutic, releasing mental, physical or emotional restriction, bringing you into new freedoms and potential. It can be supportive to other work you have done with a therapist, medicines, or other healing modalities. 


I love working with the daily little things. This is where we can integrate life’s most mind- and heart-opening experiences in order to make magic out of the mundane and harvest beauty in the everyday.

Where do you want to start?

Daily Life Things (lifestyle habits / self care) ~ 1:1 in-person or virtual sessions

Meditation & Mindfulness ~ 1:1 in-person or virtual sessions

Movement Practice / Fitness Coaching - develop your own movement practice with my ongoing weekly support. I will send you personalized workouts or movement practices through an easy-to-use mobile app. Upload your own videos for my coaching feedback.

The Model of Doing & BEing

Welcome to the Well-Being Wedge, or Pizza, whichever you fancy...

This is a conceptual model for what my work is about from a holistic lens.

On the top layer (the pizza crust) you will see Daily Life Things (or DLT for short). This includes the surface doings of our lives. Just because they're on the surface doesn't mean they're not important to me. In fact, we are afterall, having this human experience, and all this humaning stuff is perhaps the most important.

But, when our doing is disconnected from these other layers below it, we can feel lost, anxious, aimless, depressed, endlessly overworking, or seeking. We kinda lose ourselves in all the doing.

Well-Being Model

Enter, layer #2 ~ Relationship to Self and the Moment. Here we are bringing in a level of awareness, a curiosity. "Hmm... what's going on here, and how am I relating to all of this doing?" On this level we can cultivate more and more awareness, and we can begin to bring in qualities to our experience that are more favorable.


For example, initially we may start to notice there is a lot of judging, self-doubt, people pleasing, or fear. We can get curious about our current patterns and motivations, and with practice, we can begin to bring in more kindness, encouragement, playfulness, sincerity, and so on. 


The more we cultivate this awareness, the more spaciousness we may sense in our lives. We are no longer reacting to things as much, and we notice a pause, an opportunity to choose how we want to act. We may feel ourselves coming more into what feels like a relaxed, authentic expression of our being.

And this is because in this spaciousness we are beginning to sense into the third layer, Beingness. This is the layer where our life is not about doing at all. It's the layer of not-doing. Rest. Being. There is a sense of Wholeness here, nothing lacking, no need to strive.


It's easy to miss because we're so used to searching for something that we miss the nothing. Yeah, yeah. It can get a little trippy in the third layer. And that's because we're quite literally talking about a shift of identity, the foundation in which our entire lives rest. It's profound, and it's endlessly life-giving.

When we're more anchored in the simplicity of this Beingness, or Wholeness, we can begin to live with more ease and wellbeing. The doing can more naturally flow when we're relaxed into our essence. Ease does not mean we won't still encounter the challenges of human life ~ we've just created more space for it all to exist within our Essential Okayness.


Let's Dive Deep Together

Many of us go our whole lives without ever discovering our own depth. Maybe it's because we don't know to look for it, or we don't know where to find it. We swim in the waters of the culture we live in... which will inevitably keep us quite shallow.

It really is a solo journey to dive into yourself. To discover your own soul song. If we're reliant on the culture to show us... we'll only find mirages of our own authenticity.


The good new is, we don't need to go at this solo journey totally alone. We're surrounded by pointers and guides, both present and past, that can light the way. When we begin looking we find many, many voices pointing us back home...

I hope to be one such guide for you, to show you around a bit, and to help you explore the depths confidently on your own. It is, after all, in our own where we will truly discover what we're looking for...

…Long story short, what Jen catalyzed within me, are swiftly giving me my life back.
Jen’s insightful innate abilities are a treasured rare find. Plus, the spring to her every step, her focus and skillful
wizardry are simply beyond explanation!



Let it be Playful

Let it be Joyful

Let it be True

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