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A New Way of relating to our energy

Updated: Jan 17

This post was originally an email written to a client of mine, and really also to myself. I share it because I think my client and I are just two of many with this similar experience...


Ultimately each person is going to have their own experience and their own version of a more fulfilling experience. So keep that in mind.

A lot of the work that you and I have been doing together has been around showing up for yourself in daily actions. Struggling with low energy and overwhelm, which seems to get in the way of the doing. This turns up the volume on the nagging parts of ourselves, that are just trying to help as they see how we're falling behind on the things we want to do.

Do you see some version of this interplay of parts working within yourself?

What I feel we're aiming at is not a version where we're finally obeying the nagging parts all the time. 


It's actually a totally different mode of relating to it all.

What if there's a version where our energy naturally rises and falls, and we know how to work with it? Rather than demand it to be different than it is. When our energy is low, we rest. When our energy rises, we may feel a natural impulse to clean up our space or go for a walk. This version requires trusting ourselves. Surrendering to the reality of the body in the moment. And a willingness to experiment and keep trying again.


This is counter to what many of us have been raised on. We've been nagged by our mothers, our parents. And so we nag ourselves. But we're burnt out. No more nagging is going to help. Right now we need to learn how to deeply rest. Rest as long as we need to rest to let our energy restore. Trust it. Trust that one day, soon enough, your energy will bubble up again and guide you towards whatever actions are truly satisfying. There is no need for overthinking or escaping because we are in sync with life itself through the life that is flowing through us, our energy. (Of course, we won't be in perfect flow all the time, it's a practice). 

This is a totally different way of relating to it all.

Can you imagine this?

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