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True Rest

What actually is rest?

Because we can surely stop doing things on the outside and not feel like we’re resting

Maybe our body has stopped but our mind is going going going

Or we’re scrolling scrolling scrolling

Or streaming streaming streaming

You get the point

Sometimes even when we try to rest, it’s hard to deeply rest.

I like to think of true rest as rest that leaves me feeling restored, rejuvenated, renewed in some way. Even if small.

True rest doesn't have to be long. 

It just wants to be deep.

I can feel restored in 5 minutes or 5 breaths.

If in these moments there is a deep letting go in the body, a letting go of heaviness, and a letting in of new energy


Deep within us is a well.

A well in which we can touch in, and restore.

When we’re busy in the life things, we’re giving of ourselves. 

We’re giving from our well stores.

We’re in the doing of life.

Which is a beautiful thing. 

We are here to do. To make, to create, to give.

Yet, we are first just here.

Here to be.

We are here being.

And from here, we can do.

But many of us are so disconnected from our essential being

That we get stuck in the doing

We don’t know how to truly stop.

And be.

To touch into the well

And rest.

No one ever taught us 

Our culture didn’t show us.

And so we feel stuck in this subtle forward momentum of doing





We may feel a restlessness, an anxiety, a drain.

And that is totally


Of course we would feel that way if disconnected from our home base.

Perhaps we’re actually searching for this place to rest.

The closer we get the more anxious we may feel, as if the vibrating of our cells is signaling close proximity to something important.

And what if I told you that there is a place right here within you to

let  it  all


There is a place within you below all the doing

And you can feel into it intuitively 

It's a deep relaxation

An Okayness

In your being 

You’ve touched into it many a times before ~

Awestruck by a beautiful sunset

Gazing into the eyes of a lover as you fall in love

The first moments sinking into a cozy hot tub

Watching your children run and play and laugh…

These moments when life feels totally ok

Whatever the circumstances,

They simply evoked this place within you that is always and already Ok, and at rest

And now the key to bringing this into our experience more and more

I’ve found,

Is meditation.

And stay with me,

Meditation can mean many different things.

In this moment I want you to think of meditation as the practice of making space for all of the content of experience to be exactly as it 

The thoughts, stories, sensations 

Noticing noticing

And making space ~

"Yes this is here

This belongs

My reaction to it

That too

That belongs."

In this practice of including

I am noticing all that I don’t actually have to identify with

or become fixated on

Every time I can release my internal grip on a thought, a belief, a sensation by noticing

I am relaxing into being.

Our beingness is below all of the coming and going

So when we can make space for our comings and goings

To come and go

When are reconnecting 

To this vaster field of ourselves which holds it all.

And it's in that opening when we experience True Rest

No longer griping at life

But opening ourselves to it

To the flow of life

We sink down into our being and touch the well

Which can restore us even if for a moment.

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