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And so we begin

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Here’s a truth.

I want to write more.

It’s as if the writer is already here, alive and well(ish) within me.

She’s been delighting herself with ideas almost every day.

Yet she's frustrated.

I haven’t given her the time.

I haven’t made regular dates with her. Or found her favorite cozy spot to write.

I haven’t given her the chance to mess up. Or share things that not everyone understands.

I haven’t given her the space to speak, uninhibited.

When I look inside and ask her what she wants,

It's to write about her experience and her take on experience, and to share it.

To share what swirls around her awareness, and her body.

The aliveness inside.

The sharing is almost like the completion of a cycle.

To release it.

To return it.

To weave myself into the collective experience. The collective home.

A part of me knows that any day is just as good as another to begin.

Perhaps I’ve missed hundreds of beautiful writings she’d wished to share,

But I can’t carry those missed opportunities,

Well I don’t want to any longer.

So we begin here, anew.

With the knowing that there are infinite more possibilities for creation if I can just begin.

There's a lightness I’d much rather lean into.

So let’s just jump in, why don’t we?

Like a game of double dutch, I’m finally finding the courage to move.


What will we write about?

The internal-external human experience.

The life of the seeker. The seeker of wholeness.

The one who heals, not because they are broken, but because they are inherently resilient.

Healing, too, is a part of our wholeness.

Perhaps, you, dear reader, seek for healing and wholeness in your life.

You listen to the still small voice,

And follow its way home.

This is the path I walk,

And this is the path I want to share.

Not because I’ve got it figured out.

But because I seem to have a writer inside,

Who just won’t quit

Until she gets her way.

Until we join the conversation.

I see more now that my wholeness is our wholeness.

I long to feel connected to the us.

To the one thing that’s happening here.

To you. ~

So, hello.

I wave my hand to you with a gentle smile.

There are parts of me who are confident and fierce.

And there are parts of me who are shy, vulnerable. As if emerging for the first time.

I greet you with all of these parts.

And in this moment, I am feeling quite shy.

And that’s ok.

I guess I can make more space for this shyness, too. To be here, in my experience.

At home.

I wonder what it has to show me.


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