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Wholeness is already here

Healing and wholeness.

How do these two fit together?

Healing happens within wholeness.

We do not heal to become whole.

We already are whole.

We heal because we are human. Our skin breaks, our hearts break. This is a natural part of our humanness. This vulnerable aliveness.

When we embrace the nature of this soft animal body we find ourselves in, we open to our capacity to heal.

And it goes on as long as we are here.

The healing.

Because there will be new wounds. And this is ok. Wouldn’t you say?

Now here’s the thing.

We must not get so caught up in our healing.

It will go on forever and we’ll miss something very important.

We’ll miss what we are beyond the one who heals.

The place from which healing flows.

The place that holds the brokenness, and the delight.

Healing can easily become more doing,

Which distracts us from what we truly long for.

And from that which truly heals.

Our wholeness can be found in being.

Since we’re already whole, it’s always right here...

So what happens if you stop?

What happens when you turn towards everything that’s right here,

The thoughts, the sensations, the numbness, the exhaustion…

And practice holding it? Making space for it? Breathing into it.

Feeling around and leaning into the Okayness that is below all these comings and goings.

Beyond the next overwhelm or low, the next excitement or pleasure,

What holds it all?

Explore it.

Sit, meditate, dance, cry, hug,

Explore this aliveness that is yours.

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